Thursday, May 7, 2015

Am I sure?

Am I sure about this? Am I sure I want to write all of this down for the whole world to see? I don't know. Sure, lots of people already know our story. It's a hard one to hide from those we are closest, close friends, and even co-workers. But the one thing that I feel very strongly is the need to help others. Those who have gone through what my husband and I have gone through. Those who struggle with infertility. Those who have suffered miscarriage, whether is was just one or if it was more. We have a lot of experience.

I had a conversation with my doctor yesterday that I have been thinking a lot about and is probably the conversation that was the catalyst for my decision to finally start writing all of this down. We were talking about the perspective that I have on miscarriage. How for me it is possibly much different than the perspective of a mother who has just had one loss. Let me be clear, every single miscarriage is devastating. That is something I will always believe. I would never tell someone their one loss is any less significant than my four. Every single miscarriage, no matter when it occurs, is terrible. However, I do agree that my perspective may be much different than that of someone who has only had one loss. Or even someone who has had two losses. It's just different. No more or less painful, just different.

And that my perspective is something I should share. My experience is something I should share. That maybe someone else who is going through the pain of infertility and miscarriage might find comfort in knowing she is not alone.

And so I decided I would write.

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