About me

I am a wife to the most amazing husband who I love so very much.
I am Mommy to the world's sweetest little boy who I could not imagine life without. 
I am a daughter to fantastic parents who have always been there for me and my siblings, no matter what. 
I have four cool siblings. Three of us see each other regularly (helps that we all live in the same city). The other two live further away, but we will always have text messaging to keep us close. :)
I work for a great company and love my job. 

I have felt the excitement of seeing a positive pregnancy test after just a couple of months of "trying". 
I fell head over heels in love the minute my little boy was placed into my arms for the first time. 

I have felt the utter disappointment of seeing month after month of negative pregnancy tests. 
I have felt the jitters that come with going to see my doctor and having to talk about the fact that after so many months I am still not pregnant. 
I have researched and read everything I could find on infertility. 
I have experienced that moment, more than once, when the sonographer looked at me and my husband and with no exchange of words our whole world turned upside down. 
I have felt the physical, mental and emotional pain of miscarriage. Four times. 
I have made more than one late night panicked call to my doctor and raced to the hospital so nervous that I could barely breathe. 
I have been met at the ER door by a team of people, including my doctor, early on a Sunday morning - all with a look of fear on their face. Then rushed into the OR while my family paced for three hours. 

And I am still standing. 

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