Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The healing power of Puppy Breath

In the 20 years my husband and I have been together we have dealt with our fair share (or maybe more than our fair share) of challenges. For us it seems like nothing ever happens without a bump in the road. But at this point we are used to it and almost expect it. If something is going according to plan we hold our breath and watch for the bump. 

We also always overcome our challenges. Always. 

And we grow and learn from them. Always. 

And I like to think we are better people who understand more, listen more and love deeper. Some of that may also just be from getting older.....

Sometimes it also seems like life just keeps throwing stuff at us to see just how much we can handle. Well, let me tell you, we can handle A LOT!!!  
(Let me add a disclaimer here.....most of this is, of course, #firstworldproblems. I realize that, and am not complaining at all. We have an amazing life, for which I am exceptionally grateful.) 

In the just the last five (plus-ish) years we have dealt with: 

My husband's six orthopedic surgeries - one foot, one knee, one shoulder, three wrist. He mountain bikes.....

Our infertility and loss struggle - countless fertility treatments, three miscarriages and an ectopic rupture.....you know the story. 

Keeping our severely food allergic son safe as he grows and spends more and more time at school, camp, extra-curricular activities, and with friends. 

My parents divorced after 40 years. 

D.E.M.A.N.D.I.N.G careers (that we do love, by the way!) 

The devastating losses of our two beloved Siberian Huskies - six months apart. 

Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, busy schedules, the crazy of life. 

I wouldn't change any of it. Even the infertility and loss journey. All of it has sculpted us into who we are as individuals and as a couple. Although there is some of it I wish hadn't happened...... 

With all of this I am at a point in my life where I am still trying to heal. Still learning and applying the lessons I have learned from all of this, especially our infertility and loss journey. 

The biggest lesson I have learned and work to apply every single day, is to find the joy. There is always joy somewhere......always. 

Family time. 
Date night. 
Me time. 
Accomplishments in life, work, home, no matter how small. 
A quiet drive home after a long day at work. 
Watching my now seven year old son run and play and smile. 
Learning to let go a little bit. 

And my current and most favorite joy......our new puppy.  He is now 12 weeks old and FULL OF ENERGY. 

He has brought true joy to our home. 

It is hard to have a new puppy. Potty training, constant chewing on stuff, he wakes up when the sun comes up....every day! He has more energy than my husband and I combined. But I honestly don't see any of that because of the joy we all now have with him in our lives. 

My son ADORES him. And he ADORES our son. He is the best snuggler and has, in the four weeks he has been part of our family, started to heal a hole in me that I wasn't sure was going to heal. 

He is the perfect addition at the perfect time. 

So always remember to take a minute and find the joy. Take a deep breath. Life is hard. It throws stuff at you that you may never see coming. But even in the hardest things, there is always a lesson, and always, buried somewhere......joy. 

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